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رسالة أحرار المزة إلى عواينية النظام الأسدي 3/2/2012

الرسالة الموجهة من أهالي وأحرار المزة إلى عواينية النظام الأسدي الغاشم خلال المظاهرة التي خرجت في دمشق المزة حي الفاروق جمعة عذراً حماة سامحينا 3/2/2012تنسيقية منطق ...

Al Qaeda in Syria says detains U.S.-trained rebels| Reuters

Aug 01, 2015    

BEIRUT Al Qaeda's Syria wing said on Friday it had detained members of a Syrian rebel group who had just returned from U.S. training, in a direct challenge to Washington's plan to train and equip insurgents to combat the hard-line Islamic State group.In a statement that appeared to contradict comments from the Pentagon, Nusra Front said the men it was holding had entered Syria several days prior and had been trained under the supervision of the Central Intelligence Agency.It described them as agents of America and warned others they should abandon the programme. It also said a U.S.-led coaliti...

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