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رسالة أحرار المزة إلى عواينية النظام الأسدي 3/2/2012

الرسالة الموجهة من أهالي وأحرار المزة إلى عواينية النظام الأسدي الغاشم خلال المظاهرة التي خرجت في دمشق المزة حي الفاروق جمعة عذراً حماة سامحينا 3/2/2012تنسيقية منطق ...

Second pilot of downed Russian warplane rescued, 'alive and well' in Syria

Nov 25, 2015    

Moscow: Russian and Syrian special forces have freed the second pilot of a Russian warplane shot down by Turkey and he is now at a Russian air base in Syria, the defence minister said Wednesday."The operation ended successfully. The second pilot has been brought to our base. He is alive and well," Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu said."I would like to thank all our guys who worked at great risk all night and finished this job at around 3:40 am (00:40 GMT)," Shoigu said in televised comments.President Vladimir Putin later confirmed the second pilot was "saved" and &q...

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