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Afghan Journalist Zabiullah Rashidi

Do you remember the yearly tradition of Lucia? Sweden Boden Lernai Today, December 13, is Lucia Day, a feast of candlelit processions, saffron buns, gingerbread and mulled wine. It's the definite sign that Christmas is around the corner. In schools all over the country, girls and boys with white ...

Sweden mulls new laws banning jihad combat, travel

Jun 17, 2015    

Stockholm: Sweden is considering drafting new legislation that would ban its nationals from fighting in armed conflicts for terrorist organisations such as Islamic State (IS), the government said on Wednesday."It is completely unacceptable that Swedish citizens are travelling to (join) IS, financing the organisation, or fighting for it," Justice Minister Morgan Johansson and Interior Minister Anders Ygeman wrote in a joint article in leading newspaper Dagens Nyheter.The proposed ban would prohibit combat for terrorist organisations listed as such by the United Nations or European Uni...

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