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Asia Afectada por tifones

El tifón Haikui tocó tierra en el este de China, con fuertes lluvias y vientos de hasta 150 kilómetros por hora entró en la costa china por la aldea de Hepu, en la provincia oriental de Zhejiang. Su llegada ya ha empezado a causar inundaciones.Este fenómeno natural podría ser el más fuerte ...

New York sell orders in thin trade trigger Shanghai gold rout| Reuters

Jul 22, 2015    

NEW YORK In early Asian trading hours on Monday, when typically only tens of contracts of gold are traded, investors dumped more than $500 million worth of bullion in New York in four seconds, triggering the market's biggest rout in years.The sell-off began when one or more massive sell orders hit the price of gold on the CME Group's Comex futures in New York a tenth of a second after 9:29 a.m. in Shanghai, triggering turnover of almost 5,000 lots of gold in a blink of an eye. (For graphic, click equates to 13 tonnesof gold, more than typically trades in hours during this ...

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