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Asia Afectada por tifones

El tifón Haikui tocó tierra en el este de China, con fuertes lluvias y vientos de hasta 150 kilómetros por hora entró en la costa china por la aldea de Hepu, en la provincia oriental de Zhejiang. Su llegada ya ha empezado a causar inundaciones.Este fenómeno natural podría ser el más fuerte ...

Thousands protest in Shanghai suburb over chemical plant fears| Reuters

Jun 27, 2015    

SHANGHAI Thousands of people took to the streets in a distant suburb of Shanghai on Saturday saying they feared the government would build a chemical plant, despite assurances from officials that the plan will not go ahead.Choking smog and environmental degradation in many parts of China is angering an increasingly educated and affluent urban class. After a series of health scares and accidents there is also deepening public scepticism about the safety of industries ranging from food to energy.There have been numerous protests in recent years focused on petrochemical plants that produce paraxy...

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