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Prvi glas Srbije 2012 1.epizoda - 4.deo - Danijel Farago, Jovana Živković

Prva srpska televizija Prvi glas Srbije 2. Sezona 1. epizoda - 4. deo Danijel Farago Jovana Živković

Serbia decries murder attempt after PM chased from Srebrenica burial| Reuters

Jul 11, 2015    

POTOCARI, Bosnia A mass burial marking the 20th anniversary of the Srebrenica massacre was marred on Saturday when a crowd of mourners chased Serbias prime minister from the cemetery, underscoring the depth of anger over Belgrades denial of the crime as genocide.Bodyguards drove back a crowd that turned on Aleksandar Vucic moments after he entered the cemetery and laid flowers to 8,000 Muslim men and boys, executed after the U.N. safe haven fell to Bosnian Serb forces towards the end of the 1992-95 war. Stones and bottles were thrown from the crowd, some of whom were heard to cry Allahu Akbar ...

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