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PACO Black Allusion and Greta von Goricaberg, male puppies one month old

One month old puppies / www.vongoricaberg.comfather: J.CH PACO BLACK ALLUSION HD+/- ED-I Multi-V1 (s:CH Astor von Junipera x d:Atina Black Allusion) IFR V-YOUNG WORLD CHAMPION YOUTH CHAMPION SERBIA NRC KLUBJUGENDSIEGER 2012 ADRK SÜDPFALZJUGENDSIEGER 2012 ADRK LECHTALJUGENDSIEGER 2012mother ...

U.N.'s highest court absolves Croatia, Serbia of genocide

Feb 04, 2015    

THE HAGUE (Reuters) - The United Nations' highest court ruled on Tuesday that neither Croatia nor Serbia had committed genocide against each other's populations during the wars that accompanied the violent breakup of Yugoslavia in the 1990s.Both sides said they hoped the ruling would mark a watershed in relations, long since improved but still sometimes frosty.Peter Tomka, president of the International Court of Justice, said the forces of both countries had committed crimes during the conflict, but that the intent to commit genocide -- by "destroying a population in whole or in part"...

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