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Luc Nicolai bantamba 2stv gribordo balla 2 bombar facebooklambj italia-senegal

secka max facebook lambj italia-senegal tem on enfermé luc nicolai a la police senegal d thies les lutteurs vont tout casser oci senegal 2stv bantamba AFFAIRE DU LAMANTIN BEACH A MBOUR : Le promoteur Luc Nicolaï et ses co-prévenus, bambar dieye balla beye 2 gribordo balla beye 2 Jeudi ... Dans ...

Senegal mourns loss of master drummer N'Diaye Rose| Reuters

Aug 20, 2015    

DAKAR Senegal's Doudou N'Diaye Rose, one of Africa's master drummers and named a "human treasure" by the United Nations, died on Wednesday at the age of 85, a local musician said.N'Diaye Rose has enchanted audiences from Paris to Tokyo by beating his sabar or "tamtam", a Senegalese drum made out of cow or sheep skin originally used to communicate between villages.Born into a family of "griot" storytellers, he has collaborated with U.S. jazz star Miles Davis and once stunned an audience on the Goree Island off the coast of the capital Dakar by leading a group of 10...

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