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Luc Nicolai bantamba 2stv gribordo balla 2 bombar facebooklambj italia-senegal

secka max facebook lambj italia-senegal tem on enfermé luc nicolai a la police senegal d thies les lutteurs vont tout casser oci senegal 2stv bantamba AFFAIRE DU LAMANTIN BEACH A MBOUR : Le promoteur Luc Nicolaï et ses co-prévenus, bambar dieye balla beye 2 gribordo balla beye 2 Jeudi ... Dans ...

The 'test case' for African Justice: Chadian dictator Habre goes on trial in Senegal

Jul 21, 2015    

Dakar:Chadian dictator Hissene Habre went on trial on Monday in Senegal, a quarter of a century after his blood-soaked reign came to an end, in a prosecution seen as a test case for African justice.Once dubbed "Africa's Pinochet," the 72-year-old has been in custody in Dakar since his arrest in June 2013 at the home he shared in an affluent suburb of the capital with his wife and children.Dressed in white robes and a turban, Habre pumped a fist in the air and cried "God is greatest" as he was escorted by prison guards into the Extraordinary African Chambers in the Senegales...

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