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Djami Senegal

Videoclip Djami Senegal di Gadji Cheich.

Senegal tracks route of Guinea student in race to stop Ebola

Sep 10, 2014    

DAKAR (Reuters) - In a sandy street of the Senegalese capital Dakar, a hand emerges from behind the door of a run-down house to grab a bundle of baguettes from an aid worker as police officers watch.Behind the wooden door, 33 people are being kept in quarantine after a 21-year-old student from neighbouring Guinea came to stay there at his uncle's house a fortnight ago. With him, he brought the deadly Ebola virus.The student is now in isolation in a Dakar hospital, his condition improving, according to the health ministry. So far, no other Ebola cases have been confirmed, but the World Health O...

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