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Tease for Antiques Discovery & Appraisal Show (Rhode Island PBS)

Yes, this is deliberately cut short. It's why we call it a TEASE. We just couldn't resist sharing a little taste of the Rhode Island PBS Antiques Discovery &...

Rhode Island police warned Navy about Alexis "hearing voices"

Sep 18, 2013    

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Rhode Island police warned the Navy last month that suspected Washington gunman Aaron Alexis had reported "hearing voices" while on Tuesday the U.S. government said it will review security worldwide at military bases.More details emerged about the history of misconduct and mental illness of the 34-year-old government contractor with a security clearance who shot dead 12 people at the U.S. Navy Yard on Monday before police killed him in a gun battle.A Newport, Rhode Island police report said Alexis complained on August 7 about "hearing voices" and of p...

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