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Solavei Español Spanish Solavei en Español

Solavei-Unlimited 4G de voz, texto y datos de los planes de teléfono celular por $ 49 para los residentes en Espanol. Solavei Español Spanish Solavei en Espa...

14-month-old baby tests positive for marijuana in Puerto Rico

Oct 25, 2014    

San Juan A 14-month-old boy tested positive for marijuana in a toxicology exam at a San Juan hospital, where he was admitted after his parents became concerned that he was sleeping too much.The child "is in stable condition", but remains under observation, Puerto Rico Police Department (PRPD) spokeswoman, Karen Lee Torres told EFE news agency on Friday.The parents, both 33, called an emergency health hotline after they observed their son was sleeping too much. Paramedics visited the family's home and decided to take the baby to Auxilio Mutuo Hospital, where a doctor ordered a toxicol...

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