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La Reforma Laboral Mexico 2012 y 2013 - Destruccion Total a mexico (Conoce la VERDAD)

La Reforma Laboral 2012 2013 Mexico Felipe Calderon Senadores Diputados PRI PAN PRD PRIAN Trabajadores Sindicatos Noticias Televisa Tv Azteca Revolucion Mexicana Independencia de mexico huelga esclavismo autonomia sindical rrecontrareforma laboral yo soy 132 Contratos Colectivos Transparencia Sindic ...

Analysis - Portugal, like Europe, loses hunger for reform| Reuters

May 26, 2015    

SINTRA, Portugal Celebrated among Europe's elite as a model of how to reform an economy after a debt binge, Portugal's enthusiasm for change has waned as Europe loses its appetite for further belt-tightening.With Greece's future in the euro uncertain, after its leftist government all but tore up a reform-for-aid deal, Europe's policy setters are putting an extra shine on other countries that were bailed out - in part to avoid a spillover.They have declared Portugal, following on the heels of Ireland, a recovery success story after a debt crisis that started with a financial crash and drove cou...

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