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Cristiano Ronaldo 2011-2013 ► Untouchable™ - Co-Op - ft. Bilal7Productions HD

a Cristiano Ronaldo co-op video made by me and Bilalproductions, with his best skills and goals from 2011-2013. Hope you enjoy00:00 - 1:38 - Bilal7Productions ( 1:38 - 3:08 - KhashProductions ( my part)KhashProductions is BACK!!!! with ...

Analysis - Portugal, like Europe, loses hunger for reform| Reuters

May 26, 2015    

SINTRA, Portugal Celebrated among Europe's elite as a model of how to reform an economy after a debt binge, Portugal's enthusiasm for change has waned as Europe loses its appetite for further belt-tightening.With Greece's future in the euro uncertain, after its leftist government all but tore up a reform-for-aid deal, Europe's policy setters are putting an extra shine on other countries that were bailed out - in part to avoid a spillover.They have declared Portugal, following on the heels of Ireland, a recovery success story after a debt crisis that started with a financial crash and drove cou...

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