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Signos Zodiacales - Piscis Candelaria del Rio explica las características de los Signos del Zodíaco desde una perspectiva astrológica humanista.

Pluto's outer moons continuously topple and turn, says new Nasa study

Jun 04, 2015    

 Cape Canaveral: Plutos outer moons are continuously toppled and turned as they battle the joint gravitational forces of their parent planet and its primary moon Charon, a study published on Wednesday showed."It as if Pluto and Charon are two weights at the end of a dumbbell, two very unbalanced weights, and that dumbbell is rotating. The four other moons are responding to the gravity fields of both objects, astronomer Mark Showalter told reporters on a conference call.The study, published in this weeks journal Nature, should help scientists figure out how Pluto and its entourage...

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