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Signos Zodiacales - Piscis

www.candelariadelrio.com.ar/ Candelaria del Rio explica las características de los Signos del Zodíaco desde una perspectiva astrológica humanista.

New Horizons latest photos show Pluto's largest moon Charons colourful and violent history

Oct 02, 2015    

Washington: Nasa's New Horizons probe has returned the best colour and the highest resolution images ever of Pluto's largest moon Charon which show a surprisingly complex and violent history.At half the diameter of Pluto, Charon is the largest satellite relative to its planet in the solar system.Many New Horizons scientists expected Charon to be a monotonous, crater-battered world.Instead, they found a landscape covered with mountains, canyons, landslides, surface-colour variations and more."We thought the probability of seeing such interesting features on this satellite of a world at the...

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