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Biển Đông dậy sóng (TT Thích Chân Quang) Lời tựa: "Cuối tháng 5 năm 2011, Trung Quốc liên tục có những hành động gây hấn, xâm phạm lãnh hải Việt Nam. Sau Việt Nam, đến lượt Nhật Bản, Philippines đón nhận sự khiêu khích táo tợn từ chính quyền B ...

Philippine military seeks almost triple defence spending amid China dispute| Reuters

Jul 30, 2015    

MANILA Philippine generals on Wednesday asked Congress to almost triple annual defence spending over the next five years to upgrade equipment amid an escalating marine dispute with giant neighbour China.The Philippines currently is in the middle of a 998 billion pesos ($21.95 billion) 15-year plan to modernize its armed forces in the face of rising tensions in the South China Sea."The gaps between our needed defence articles and the levels of our current inventory are too wide to ignore," Brigadier-General Guillermo Molina told a national defence panel hearing at the House of Represe...

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