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clip gà tre mỹ leiper 3 tháng VS gà mái asil lai mỹ 2 tháng ĐT 01269692828 Luân

Đây là gà giống do trại mình đổ ra số lượng có hạn. gà mỹ leiper 3 tháng VS gà mái asil lai mỹ 2 tháng. anh em nào có nhu cầu mua hàng thì vui lòng gọi dt 01269692828 de đặc hàng nha. Trại mình có cả gà tre mỹ lai peru, Nòi mỹ, Nòi mỹ lai Asi ...

Peru uncovers more victims of conflict with Shining Path from 1985| Reuters

Aug 20, 2015    

LIMA Peruvian authorities said on Wednesday that they had uncovered five graves in a remote highland region that likely hold the remains of some 60 people killed in 1985 during Peru's bloody battle against the Shining Path rebel group.Witnesses said a special police force known as the Sinchis had killed the victims - women, children and the elderly who had been sleeping in their homes, according to the office of the attorney general.A forensic team would excavate the remains in Ayacucho, the poor Andean region in southern Peru that was the epicentre of the Shining Path's uprising against the s...

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