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clip gà tre mỹ leiper 3 tháng VS gà mái asil lai mỹ 2 tháng ĐT 01269692828 Luân

Đây là gà giống do trại mình đổ ra số lượng có hạn. gà mỹ leiper 3 tháng VS gà mái asil lai mỹ 2 tháng. anh em nào có nhu cầu mua hàng thì vui lòng gọi dt 01269692828 de đặc hàng nha. Trại mình có cả gà tre mỹ lai peru, Nòi mỹ, Nòi mỹ lai Asi ...

Peru eyes backing bill to resume shooting down drug planes

Mar 11, 2015    

LIMA (Reuters) - The government of President Ollanta Humala said on Tuesday it might back a bill that would lift a 14-year-old ban on shooting down aircraft suspected of carrying drugs, even though the U.S. government opposes the practise.The legislation should garner enough votes to pass Congress as early as this week. Passage threatens joint anti-narcotics efforts with the United States and possibly millions of dollars in aid.The U.S. government prohibited funding linked to shoot-down activities abroad after a 2001 incident in which a Peruvian military jet mistakenly fired at a plane carryin...

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