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clip gà tre mỹ leiper 3 tháng VS gà mái asil lai mỹ 2 tháng ĐT 01269692828 Luân

Đây là gà giống do trại mình đổ ra số lượng có hạn. gà mỹ leiper 3 tháng VS gà mái asil lai mỹ 2 tháng. anh em nào có nhu cầu mua hàng thì vui lòng gọi dt 01269692828 de đặc hàng nha. Trại mình có cả gà tre mỹ lai peru, Nòi mỹ, Nòi mỹ lai Asi ...

Peru forces raid coca region rebel slave camp, rescue 39 women, children| Reuters

Jul 30, 2015    

BOGOTA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Peruvian special forces rescued 26 children and 13 women, some of whom had been raped and held captive for three decades, when they raided a southeastern jungle camp of the left-wing Shining Path rebel group."Many of these children were born there and are the result of rapes carried out on women by members of the Shining Path," Vice Defence Minister Ivan Vega told local reporters earlier this week.It was the largest number of children rescued from the rebels in a single operation, he added.The almost defunct Shining Path has not posed a threat t...

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