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2012 So Tao Quan

2012 Sớ Táo Quân tại hội Xuân GX Antôn Tigard Oregon, Tết Nhâm Thìn

In familiar ritual, Obama visits and consoles families of Oregon shooting victims

Oct 10, 2015    

Roseburg, Oregon:President Barack Obama, in a ritual that has become both familiar and frustrating to him, travelled to Oregon on Friday to console families of the victims of a community college shooting that once again sparked a push for US gun reform.The president, a Democrat who tried but failed to tighten firearms laws after previous mass shootings, arrived in a community where support for gun rights remains strong despite the deaths of 10 people, including the gunman, in the deadliest massacre on USsoil in two years.As his motorcade drove into town, supporters and protesters lined the str...

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