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Apostle Anselm Madubuko & Emmy Kosgei White Wedding Pictures [] - The couple got married yesterday in Kenya. Anselm is a Nigerian pastor who lost his wife last year, Emmy is a Kenyan gospel singer.

Raped and battered: Nigeria's girls and their lives as Boko Haram's hostages

Oct 29, 2014    

More than 200 girls sat in a school in Chibok, Nigeria answering tests when distant gunshots drew their attention away. Hours later, they had been stuffed into trucks and other smaller vehicles and driven away from everything they knew.Now, for the first time, they and several others like them have talked about the nightmare of being a Boko Haram hostage: raped, forced to work, marry their captors and convert to Islam. International organisation Human Rights Watch has compiled an extensive report which documents the ordeal of the girls who were either released or managed to escape the clutches...

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