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Zee News Ltd : Press Conference : A black day for Indian Media :Part 2

New Delhi_ After 65 years of independence, the present Congress-led government is pushing the media to not speak the truth and to gag it. It is practically t...

India-US ties expands beyond limits of New Delhi and Washington, says Modi

Sep 19, 2014    

Ahead of his much-talked about visit to the US, Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed hope that the bilateral ties between the two nations will scale to another level as it has been on the ascend since the beginning of the 21st century. "I am confident that India and US can develop genuine strategic alliance," Modi told CNN In his first ever international interview since assuming office. "The India-US ties should not be seen within the limits of Delhi and Washington. Both the countries realise that their ties are in a much larger sphere," he said.While accepting that the ...

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