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Zee News Ltd : Press Conference : A black day for Indian Media :Part 2

New Delhi_ After 65 years of independence, the present Congress-led government is pushing the media to not speak the truth and to gag it. It is practically t...

Number of New Delhi vehicle thefts to break threeyear record

Sep 22, 2014    

New Delhi If vehicle thefts in the capital continue to be reported at an astounding 8788 cases per day, it might just break a threeyear record.These vehicle thefts, in police parlance known as autolifting, have been increasing at an alarming rate with the police lodging 22,203 cases between 1 January 1 and 15 September this year.Sixty percent of these thefts are of twowheelers and the remaining 40 percent of cars. The recovery rate of stolen vehicles in Delhi, according to police sources, is 40 percent or less."It is a strange fact that about 2030 percent vehicle owners do not properly lo...

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