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phoply pyuthan i living श्री मान नारद भण्डारी र अम्बिका भण्डारी को नाति दधिराम भण्डारी को छोरा हरी भण्डारी को आमा को नाम धनिसोर भ ...

Nepal: Mass animal slaughter continues despite chorus of protests

Nov 28, 2014    

Bariyapur, Nepal: Hindu worshippers on Friday started slaughtering thousands of animals in a remote corner of Nepal to honour their goddess of power, defying a growing chorus of protests from animal rights activists.Sword-wielding devotees were expected to turn the village of Bariyapur near the Indian border into the world's largest abattoir during the two-day festival when animals ranging from buffaloes to rats will have their throats slit."It is very festive here, everyone is excited," said head priest Mangal Chaudhary at the slaughter site near a temple devoted to Hindu goddess Ga...

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