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Nepali dhiki and Jato

'Dhiki' is a traditional Nepalese rice (millet etc) beater still used in villages. This footage is from Wangtang, a village of Yaphu VDC( Sankhuwa Sava district, Arun Valley) of Eastern Nepal.'Jato' use to make powder of grains and dhiki use to make a rice. Now a days its replaced by new mechanica ...

Indian trucks cross freely into Nepal for first time in four months | Reuters

Feb 05, 2016    

KATHMANDU Residents and traders in southern Nepal on Friday dismantled tents and roadblocks set up by protesters at a key border crossing, allowing trucks to cross freely from neighbouring India for the first time in four months.

More than 50 people have died in an agitation against Nepal's first republican constitution led by minority Madhesis, who say the charter ignores the...

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