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Myanmar Tha Nat Khar

Myanmar Tha Nat Khar, a traditional beauty product for Myanmar girls/women, is best oil control for your skin. It helps and protect you from getting sun burnt! For me, I wear it before I go to sleep and it acts like a coolant for my skin! yippee!

As Myanmar powerbrokers talk, could Suu Kyi emerge as president? | Reuters

Feb 07, 2016    

NAYPYITAW/YANGON As Aung San Suu Kyi's lawmakers smiled for the cameras at the first sessions of Myanmar's parliament, a summit of generals convened at a base just minutes from the chamber. On every mind was the same question: who will be the country's next president?

The parallel events summed up the complex nature of the political transition: a much-publicized election of parliament speakers at which...

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