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myanmar boxing Tway ma shaung vs Soe lin Oo

myanmar boxing Tway ma shaung vs Soe lin Oo.

Exclusive - Poor and besieged, Myanmar's Rakhine join Rohingya exodus

Nov 27, 2014    

MAUNGDAW, Myanmar (Reuters) - For years, tens of thousands of Rohingya Muslim boat people have fled this remote corner of western Myanmar for nearby countries. But another huge exodus has grabbed far fewer headlines.Ethnic Rakhine Buddhists, bitter rivals of the Rohingya, are also leaving Rakhine State to seek jobs in Malaysia and Thailand. Small numbers of Rakhine are even following the same smuggling routes plied by the Rohingya and, like them, falling victim to human traffickers.The exodus reflects a wider economic malaise. Myanmar's quasi-civilian government has launched many reforms since...

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