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KALABIT (2003) Full Movie

PINOY MOVIES Ara Mina, Raymond Bagatsing and Carlos MoralesKALABIT (2003) Full Movie

Myanmar leader goes to disaster zones as floods batter countryside| Reuters

Aug 01, 2015    

YANGON Myanmar's president headed to devastated rural regions where a state of emergency was declared after deadly monsoon rains displaced tens of thousands of people, flooded swathes of rice paddy and prompted fears of dams collapsing.Thein Sein was due to arrive on Saturday at a military base in Sagaing Division, a major rice growing area where soldiers are coordinating a relief effort after a month of rain over all but two of Myanmar's 14 states. The storms and floods have so far killed 21 people, with water levels as high as 2.5 metres in Sagaing and 4.5 metres in western Rakhine state, ac...

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