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Assassin's Creed 3 Hunting Guide - Part 2 - "Diamond Basin"

COUGAR - 0_10 / DEER - 0_44 BEAVER - 1_00 / WOLF - 1_26 The Infamous Dr. Q completes the hunting map and shows you where he found the animals in "Diamond Bas...

Montreal Protocol: One more 'BerlinWall' fell 25 years back (Comment: Special to IANS)

Nov 19, 2014    

The Montreal Protocol's entry into force gave birth to the freedom from yet another Iron Curtain.'Wall of Shame!' moaned the Western proponents of freedom to describe 155 km of Berlin Wall that finally came down Nov 9, 1989. The architects of the Wall, however, called it 'anti-fascist protection', built to protect the population of the eastern socialists from fascist elements. The West-East divide was not just physical. It was a philosophically brutal experiment in socio-political theories. It was not the only divide in the Cold War era. The North-South divide (developed and developing countri...

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