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Desfiles patrios de Panamá en el 2011 Video editado por "Producciones Jesús Montenegro"

Tomar in jail; Lalit Modi in Montenegro: Swaraj and Raje scandal exposes BJP's double standard

Jun 19, 2015    

The seven days from 9 June to 15 June will go down in Indias political history as arguably the most ironic.Alternatively, the seven days will be remembered for BJP stoking moral outrage over the fake degrees of a former AAP minister, Jitender Singh Tomar, but then doing a U-turn to defend the network of nepotism in which its own leaders are enmeshed.This network of nepotism has been established by the political class, not just the BJP, through which the elite protect and enrich themselves, salt away money from India, enjoy immunity from the law, harness power to promote their narrow interests ...

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