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PBS PTV Promos 9

KTCA-TV St. Paul-Minneapolis Channel 2, circa 1996.

Intolerance: From Minneapolis to Dadri, how political masters react determines how safe civilians feel

Nov 26, 2015    

NEW YORK: Minneapolis? Nope, this midwestern city in the USA wont work for Kiran Rao and Aamir Khan. Here, intolerance is the swift thwack of a gunshot when non-whites are out on the streets protesting peacefully. Here's what's different, though. When "intolerance" spikes, the country's top official does not stay mum. He speaks out, he takes the conversation forward. Barack Obama's finest speeches have been on race. It has not stopped violent crimes against people of color in America, but it has surely stopped celebs and the average Joe from thinking of moving out. Aamir Khan said hi...

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