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Talentadong Pinoy Worldwide_ Middle East teaser

Ang pinakamalawak na talent search mula sa Pilipinas parating na sa MIDDLE EAST! Talentadong Pinoy Worldwide. Ngayong 2013 na sa Kapatid TV5!

Islamic State carves jihadist hub in heart of Middle East

Aug 13, 2014    

BEIRUT (Reuters) - Ridiculed at first, the new power which has seized a third of Iraq and triggered the first American air strikes since the U.S.troop withdrawalin2011 has carved itself a powerful and possibly lasting presence in the Middle East. The bombing of fighters of the Sunni Islamic State is unlikely to turn around Iraq and its fragmented condition has given the self-proclaimed caliphate the opportunity to establish a hub of jihadism in the heart of the Arab world. To confront the Islamic State storming through the villages of eastern Syria and western Iraq,an international coali...

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