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Talentadong Pinoy Worldwide: Middle East teaser

Ang pinakamalawak na talent search mula sa Pilipinas parating na sa MIDDLE EAST! Talentadong Pinoy Worldwide. Ngayong 2013 na sa Kapatid TV5!

With major fault lines that divide Middle East, will Iran-US nuclear deal augur a new era?

Jul 20, 2015    

Iran and the West have stuck deal over Irans alleged nuclear program. The technicalities of the deal are well known to bear repetition. What is intriguing is that Iran and the West-led by the United States have arrived at some Modus Vivendi over the nature and thrust of Irans nuclear program.The deal significantly comes at a time when the Middle East is descending into chaos and disorder or even anarchy with a clear cut ingress of the major fault line that divides the region: the Shia-Sunni divide or conflict. Overlaying this is the post colonial Arab states demise in some instances Syria and...

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