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Sumu Kura 2012 - Ami KOITA - Ami Nana - 2012

Sumu Kura Ami Koita 2012 - Koura Danté - Mimi Sumu Kura du 26 Août 2012 Ami Koita en direct du Palais de la culture de Bamako Sambé sambé 2012 & la paix pour...

In Mali's desert French troops hunt al Qaeda well by well

Nov 22, 2014    

NORTH OF TIMBUKTU Mali (Reuters) - If the French army and its allies are to keep al Qaeda at bay in the desert of northern Mali they must stop them seizing the biggest prizes in the sea of white sand - the wells.So this month a column of soldiers from France, Burkina Faso and Mali, in armoured vehicles and pick-up trucks, churned towards a village north of Timbuktu where herders water camels and goats.They were looking for signs of infiltration by militants who need water as much as the locals do and aim to convert villages to their ideology.France uses drones, jets and helicopters in its Oper...

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