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French special forces pilot Damien Boiteux killed in Mali attacks

This is the French military helicopter pilot killed as his country launched twin attacks in Africa against Islamist groups and a failed attempt to release a ...

Suspected al Qaedalinked militants decapitate Tuareg man in Mali

Sep 25, 2014    

BAMAKO (Reuters) Suspected al Qaedalinked militants in northern Mali have decapitated a Tuareg hostage seized last week for purportedly acting as an informer for French forces in the region, a Malian security source said on Wednesday.Residents of the town of Zouera, some 80 km (50 miles) north of Timbuktu, said the man's head had been found early on Tuesday sitting on the table of a stall before the start of the weekly market. The man's decapitated body was left under a tree in the centre of town, residents said.Four other Tuareg men, taken with him last week, had been released, residents sai...

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