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Dola një ditë nga mali - Grupi i të rinjve Gjirokastër

Grupi i të rinjve Gjirokastër marrës - Arian Shehu kthyes - Mehmet Vishe hedhës - Roland ÇenkoPoqa miken te zalli,nëpër vapë rrënjë dali. disur-o bina dali. Dic i kërkova s`ma fali,nëpër vapë rrënjë dali. disur-o bina dali. ( disur = e veshur,e stolisur ) Më tha tutje nga beha ...

Mali detains 20 suspected Islamists, including two French - sources| Reuters

Jul 15, 2015    

BAMAKO Police in Mali have detained about 20 suspected Islamist militants in recent days, including at least two French citizens and the organiser of an attack a restaurant in Bamako in March, security sources said on Tuesday.Police arrested a man identified as Saouty Kouma on Sunday in the central Malian town of Melo whom they suspect was behind the assault on La Terrasse restaurant that killed a French citizen, a Belgian security officer and three Malians. The attack was claimed by Islamist militant group al-Mourabitoun.The remaining men were detained on Monday in the southern town of Zegoua...

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