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Tropez Residences @Tropicana Danga Bay, Malaysia-Johor Brand New Condominium

TROPEZ RESIDENCES embodies all the key elements of a luxurious high-rise residential development. Situated at the centre of Tropicana Danga Bay on the edge o...

For families of Malaysia's MH370 passengers, end of search fills them with dread

Mar 05, 2015    

Sydney: She wakes up every morning and reaches for the smartphone on her nightstand, searching for the same jumble of letters and numbers that have consumed her life for a year: MH370. She scrolls through the news results, hoping for something anything that could explain what happened to her husband and the other 238 people on board Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.But every day, there is nothing. And so Danica Weeks puts down her phone and reaches instead for Paul's wedding ring, which she wears on a chain around her neck. He gave it to her the day he said goodbye to her and their two young son...

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