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Sistem Aplikasi Peperiksaan Sekolah : SAPS Semakan Ibu Bapa

klik URL ini. Yg dalam video, tak boleh guna Semakan Ibu Bapa. Cara membuat semakan bagi ibu-bapa untuk SAPS. Ianya bertujuan untuk melihat prestasi anak-anak tanpa perlu ke sekolah. Ianya diterbitkan untuk menudahkan para ibu bapa menggunakan sistem ...

Malaysia Airlines likely to lay off entire workforce of 20,000, re-hire two-thirds

May 25, 2015    

Kuala Lumpur: Debt-ridden Malaysia Airlines (MAS) is likely to lay off its entire workforce of 20,000 to start afresh as as a smaller airline with a regional focus rather than international, a media report said on Monday.MAS, one of Malaysia's biggest government-linked companies hit by twin tragedies of MH370 and MH17, will terminate the job of its 20,000-employee workforce, and then offer new contracts to two-thirds of them, the Straits Times reported.The only person spared in this restructuring plan would be chief executive Christoph Mueller, the report said.This is part of the last-ditch ef...

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