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MTVHP "Satu Malaysia, Satu Bahtera"

Satu Malaysia Satu BahteraComposed by Megat Ahmad Fazly Arrangement by Megat Ahmad AizzatLirik: Satu Malaysia Satu BahteraJalur gemilang, lambang bersatu Warna cemerlang, merah putih kuning dan biru Bulan dan bintang, itu naunganku Perjuanganku, di bawah kibarmuCHORUSSatu Malaysia, Satu ba ...

Malaysia Airlines flight makes unscheduled landing in India due to broke lavatories

Sep 03, 2015    

Kuala Lumpur:A Malaysia Airlines flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur made an unscheduled landing on Thursday in Chennai due to broken lavatories.In an email replied to Xinhua's inquiry, the airline said the flight later departed Chennai at 4.08 am on Thursday and arrived at Kuala Lumpur International Airport at 10.47 a.m.Malaysia's state news agency Bernama quoted a passenger as saying that they were told that all six lavatories were working when the flight took off but then three of them became inoperable. A few hours later, all six lavatories could not be used.As there was still a few more...

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