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PSSI VS KPSI bersatulah ( Cover ) rio_SC

" INDONESIA BISA " by RIO_SClagu ini KRITIKAN buat PSSI dan KPSI... kami adalah warga indonesia yg menilai sesuatu dr apa yg kt lihat... aneh klu misalx TIMNAS di bagi jd 2... alangkah baikx jika para pemain terbaik menjadi SATU...ini smua kan ntk negara kita " INDONESIA " ayo para petinggi yg a ...

Malaysia Airlines likely to lay off its entire workforce of 20,000; re-hire two-thirds

May 26, 2015    

Kuala Lumpur: Debt-ridden Malaysia Airlines (MAS) is likely to lay off its entire workforce of 20,000 to start afresh as as a smaller airline with a regional focus rather than international, a media report said on Monday.MAS, one of Malaysia's biggest government-linked companies hit by twin tragedies of MH370 and MH17, will terminate the job of its 20,000-employee workforce, and then offer new contracts to two-thirds of them, the Straits Times reported.The only person spared in this restructuring plan would be chief executive Christoph Mueller, the report said.This is part of the last-ditch ef...

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