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NIKKI BACOLOD feat. MIN YASMIN - Hilangkanlah (Teaser 1). Composed by HA/Julfekar.

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In Malaysia, Islam's legal advance divides families and nation

Jul 13, 2014    

KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) - Deepa Subramaniam would not let go of her son, clinging to five-year-old Mithran's leg even as the car into which he had been bundled began to accelerate.The 30-year-old, a Hindu in Muslim-majority Malaysia, says she was dragged along the stone-strewn road outside her house until she dropped to the ground, scratched and sobbing, as her ex-husband drove off.The alleged abduction on April 9, detailed by Subramaniam in a police report and witnessed by a neighbour, was a painful loss for the mother-of-two, who has not seen Mithran since and fears her ex-spouse's conversion...

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