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Patriot - Filem baru 2013

(jgn betulkan youtube anda kerana ada sikit problem masa upload video ini. i dah cuba upload balik tapi x boleh. Boleh tengok version yg x shaky kat Video ini adalah sedutan beberapa TEST SHOTS bagi menggambarkan konsep filem "PATRIOT " (penggambaran te ...

When politics supercedes human rights: Cuba, Malaysia removed from US human trafficking blacklist

Jul 28, 2015    

Washington: Democratic lawmakers and rights groups on Monday accused the State Department of politicizing its annual rankings of nations on their efforts to combat modern-day slavery, as key trading partner Malaysia was taken off a blacklist.Cuba was also given an upgrade, a week after the U.S. and Cuba formally restored diplomatic relations, ending a half-century of estrangement.But Thailand, downgraded with Malaysia last year because of pervasive labor abuses in its lucrative fishing industry, remained stuck on "tier 3" the lowest ranking in the department's annual Trafficking in ...

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