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Al Mathurat Wazifah Kubra [zikir pagi morning dhikr zikr]

zikir pagi/morning dhikr, zikr Tuan Hj Abdul Ghani Samsudin al mathurat wazifah kubra al matsurat kubro zikir wirid pagi lengkap insyaALLAH arabic english bahasa indonesia singapura brunei malaysia malay melayu❀ Isti'azah Al Fatihah 1:1-7 0:07 ❀ Al Baqarah 2:1-5 1:00 ❀ Al Baqarah 2:255 1:5 ...

MH370 mystery could be solved: Aircraft wreckage found certainly from Boeing 777, says Malaysia

Jul 31, 2015    

Kuala Lumpur:Malaysia on Fridaysaid a piece of aircraft wreckage found in the Indian Ocean is "almost certainly" from a Boeing 777, raising hopes of solving the mystery of flight MH370 that disappeared with 239 people on board more than a year ago."The flaperon (found on Runion Island in the Indian Ocean) is similar to that on a Boeing 777 aircraft. It's almost certain," said Deputy Transport Minister Datuk Abdul Aziz Kaprawi. Abdul Aziz said he was informed about this by MH370 chief investigator Datuk Kok Soo Chon, the Star online reported.The ill-fated Malaysia Airlines j...

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