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Prediksi Babak 16 Besar Liga Champions 2013

Ulasan dan Analisis Prediksi pertandingan babak 16 besar Liga Champions 2013 selengkapnya lihat di Prediksi Celtic FC vs Juventus Prediksi Valencia vs Paris St Germain (PSG) Prediksi Real Madrid vs Manchester United Predi ...

Watch: Ronaldo transform into a tramp, play football on the streets of Madrid and trick fans

Aug 05, 2015    

Earlier this year we had a snippet of Cristiano Ronaldo disguised as a tramp, complete with a fat suit, a fake mustache, beard and wig, playing football with kids on the street.Now the Real Madridplayer has released the full video on his official Facebook page with behind-the-scene video of how he transformed into the the homeless man. Talking about how his disguise was treated, with a troupe of make up artists, he says "People are going to think I'm crazy."Thevideoisapparently a teaser for abrand called 'Roc', which appears towards the end.Ronaldo's moves were witnessed by the crowd...

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