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Matemagia: Maths and Magic with Fernando Blasco at the Instituto Cervantes in Dublin

Fernando Blasco, mathematician, PhD in mathematics, and professor at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, visited the Instituto Cervantes in Dublin on the occasion of the "Maths Week Ireland 2012" and he made us enjoy the magic of mathematics with his "Matemagia".In this video, interviewed by M ...

Ronaldo to Benitez during heated Real Madrid training session: 'go f*** yourself'

Jul 24, 2015    

The life of a manager of a big football club isn't easy. Aside from handling the functioning of the club, they also have to juggle the big players and their even bigger egos and keep things on an even keel something that Rafa Benitez needs to learn quickly at Real Madrid.Carlo Ancelotti's successor seems to have committed that one cardinal sinthat a manager at Los Blancosmust not commit: be on the wrong side of Cristiano Ronaldo.One of the greatest and most valuable players to have played the game, Cristiano Ronaldo knows how to throw a tantrum and managers tread lightly when it comes to him....

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