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Comprar Audifonos Madrid "SonoSalud" - Audiometria Oídos - Audífonos Precios

Web Site: - "AUDIFONOS SONOSALUD" - - Tfno. 902 30 30 48 Donde comprar audifonos en Madrid ?- Compra Audifonos - Comprar AudifonoOlvídese de la sordera y corrija su pérdida de audicion en los Centros Auditivos SonoSalud, le ofrecemos los mejores precios en audífo ...

Watch: Trailer of Ronaldo documentary shows unseen emotional side of Real Madrid star

Sep 29, 2015    

You know the name. You know the legend. But you don't know the man.Those are the words that flash across the screen in the the trailer for Cristiano Ronaldo's documentary, before showing surprisingly emotional scenes from the Real Madrid star's life.Called Ronaldo and set for release on 9 November, the documentary comes from the team which also produced Amy and Senna.There's the usual cockiness on show from the man when he talks about wanting to be the best and hating losing but scenes with his son (Cristiano Ronaldo Jr) show a doting father who misses spending time with family due to footba...

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