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wahabi najdiyon ki sharamnaak harkaten

Hazrat Zuhair Bin Qais Radi Allaho Anha k Mazar e Aqdas ko wahabion ny Shaheed kiya to Hazrat Zuhair Bin Qais Radi Allho Anha ka Jism e Mubarak Sahi Salamat ...

Suicide attack escalates violence as Libya's oil output slips

Jul 23, 2014    

Benghazi A twin suicide bombing at a Libyan army base in Benghazi killed at least four solders in an escalation of clashes between Islamist militants and regular forces battling to oust them from the eastern city.A first attacker blew himself up at the entrance to Benghazi's special forces headquarters, allowing a second suicide bomber to detonate his explosives at the base and kill at least four troops, a security source said.Suicide bombings are rare in Libya, where a fragile government is struggling to impose order. Tripoli and Benghazi are now caught up in some of the fiercest fighting bet...

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