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علاج تساقط الشعر وانبات الفراغات طبيعيا مع رشا شلبايه

ماسكات طبيعيه لعلاج مشكلة تساقط الشعر وانبات الفراغات الناتجه عن التساقط الشديد وماسك لعلاج اثار الصبغه والفرد الكيمائي للتواصل مع مركز الخبيره رشا شلبايه لعلاج ا ...

Libya's official government bans Yemenis, Iranians, Pakistanis from entry| Reuters

Sep 02, 2015    

BENGHAZI, Libya Libya's internationally recognised administration based in the east has banned Yemenis, Iranians and Pakistanis from entering the divided country, a military statement said on Tuesday.The move widens a visa ban already applied to Sudanese, Bangladeshis, Palestinians and Syrians.Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thinni runs only a rump state in eastern Libya after a rival group seized Tripoli a year ago, setting ups its own parliament and a government not recognised by world powers. Thinni's government and allied security forces would therefore only be able to enforce th...

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