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رسالة ورفــلة ..... تو يـبان - باليبي و الخليجي ..... ( شعر )

هذا الفيديو موجة لقبيلة الشرف ورفلة و كل ليبي حر... معادن الامم تظهر في المحن وكما عهدنا بورفلة فالمعدن ذهب .. في الوقت الذي تكشف الحجم الحقيقي لقبائل ورقية كبيرة العد ...

Libya's elected parliament extends mandate, complicating peace talks| Reuters

Oct 06, 2015    

BENGHAZI, Libya Libya's elected parliament voted on Monday to extend its mandate beyond its Oct. 20 expiry in a move likely to complicate U.N. attempts to end a crisis between the country's two rival governments.Four years after the uprising that toppled veteran ruler Muammar Gaddafi, the oil-producing North African state is caught in conflict between its recognised government, with an elected parliament, and a rival self-declared administration. The two are backed by competing armed factions.The United Nations has been negotiating a peace agreement to form a unity government. It had been pu...

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