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(MDCMI) Ambassador Marron Cassell- Promo Video for new album " I'M STILL HERE "

The Ambassador of Music for the Republic of Liberia Speaking about the birth of her new Album ( I'm Still Here )

Denmark to send four experts to Liberia to combat Ebola

Sep 16, 2014    

Copenhagen Denmark will be sending four experts to Liberia to help support the global fight against the spread of the Ebola virus.The Danish Emergency Management Agency (DEMA) announced on Monday that one of the experts will be included in a UN team of experts to support Liberia's coordination of international assistance, Xinhua reported."From the Danish side we are ready to help," Denmark's Defence Minister Nicolai Wammen said.The latest toll from the Ebola outbreak that was released on Friday by the World Health Organization indicated that 2,400 people had died out of the 4,784 con...

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