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Lebanese Dance music رامي الحسين

NEW Rami Hussein 2012 رامي الحسين جيل لي طالع Rami Hussein tirashrash رامي الحسين تي رشرش NEW Rami Hussein Jil Li tale3 رامي الحسين جيل لي طالع One man show Rami Hussein 2012 Dj AymanLebanese Dabke 2012 and Syrian dabke 2012 Dabket 3arab 2012 D ...

Lebanon's Hezbollah says it killed 20 Syrian al Qaeda militants | Reuters

May 10, 2015    

BEIRUT/AMMAN The Lebanese Shi'ite group Hezbollah said on Sunday it had killed over 20 fighters from Syria's al Qaeda wing and destroyed several hideouts and training camps the fighters had set up to launch attacks in Lebanon across the rugged border with Syria.Hezbollah's television station, Manar, said the Syrian army and the resistance, a reference to Hezbollah, had made "important progress" in their latest assault against Syrian militants opposed to Syrian President Bashar al Assad's rule.Hezbollah's leader, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, vowed on Tuesday that his forces and their Syri...

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