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Lebanese Dance music رامي الحسين

NEW Rami Hussein 2012 رامي الحسين جيل لي طالع Rami Hussein tirashrash رامي الحسين تي رشرش NEW Rami Hussein Jil Li tale3 رامي الحسين جيل لي طالع One man show ...

Al Qaeda faction kills nine in Lebanon in suicide blasts

Jan 11, 2015    

Beirut: Al Qaeda-linked Al Nusra Front killed nine people and injured 37 in a twin suicide blasts in Lebanon's port city of Tripoli.The Al Nusra Front said Saturday on its Twitter account that the attacks against a coffee shop was carried out by the Nusairi National Democratic Party in Jabal Mohsen as a revenge to the Sunnis in Syria and Lebanon, Xinhua reported.The National News Agency earlier reported that the suicide bombers were Lebanese nationals from the al-Mankoubin Sunni neighborhood in Tripoli.It identified them as Taha Samir Kayyal and Bilal Mohammad Ibrahim and said an intelligence ...

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