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Lebanese Dance music رامي الحسين

NEW Rami Hussein 2012 رامي الحسين جيل لي طالع Rami Hussein tirashrash رامي الحسين تي رشرش NEW Rami Hussein Jil Li tale3 رامي الحسين جيل لي طالع One man show ...

Lebanon won't celebrate independence day, owing to presidential vacancy

Nov 22, 2014    

Beirut, Nov 22 (IANS) Lebanon has cancelled all official plans to celebrate its independence day, according to media reports.The decision was taken owing to the current vacancy in the country's presidency, Xinhua reported, citing the National News Agency.The country has remained without a president for nearly six months now.Lebanese Prime Minister Tammam Salam issued a circulation Friday to cancel all official events to celebrate the country's independence, according to the report. Lebanon had gained independence from French mandate Nov 22, 1943.Since Michel Suleiman's tenure as president ende...

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