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Bikini Girls - Top de Colmar 2013

2ème place au top de Colmar 2013

Sunny Leone turns on Twitter users in Bengaluru, Ho Chi Minh City and faraway Latvia

Jan 20, 2016    

Sunny Leone’s “rockstar” answers in a “sexist” interview has turned on not just Twitter users in India but in Vietnam, UAE and Latvia too! Within India, Sunny Leone topped Bengaluru’s Twitter charts as the #1 trend, Lucknow’s Tweeple spent 415 minutes tweeting about Sunny Leone after her interview telecast on CNN IBN’s Hot Seat.After Bhupendra Chaubey flung "rude" questions to Leone at Mumbai’s Mehboob Studio, the ‘Sunny Leone’ search and chatter on Twitter rode to the top on Bengaluru’s Twitterati circuit. Notably, these trends are not about the actress' nam...

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