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باسم الكربلائي - قلي يالميمون 1434

Heart breaking / Mulla Bassim Al Karbalaei - Gilli Yal Maymoon Eve of 12 Muharram 1434 in Hussainiyat Al Ashoor - Kuwait. مقطع يقطع نياق القلب باسم الكربلائي...

J&K floods 16-year-old Indian boy in Kuwait collects Rs 2 lakh for relief

Sep 23, 2014    

Dubai An Indian student in Kuwait hascollected over Rs two lakh for humanitarian assistance to theflood victims in Jammu and Kashmir, where millions of peoplehave been impacted by the worst floods in over a century.D R Pratyusha, a 11th standard student of Bhartiya VidyaBhavan school, collected 1001.250 Kuwaiti dinars (Rs 212,489)from people by putting in his own efforts in Kuwait anddonated to the Prime Minister's National Relief Fund for therelief and rehabilitation of those affected by theunprecedented floods in the state.The Indian Embassy in Kuwait yesterday said in a statementthat it hig...

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