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باسم الكربلائي - قلي يالميمون 1434

Heart breaking / Mulla Bassim Al Karbalaei - Gilli Yal Maymoon Eve of 12 Muharram 1434 in Hussainiyat Al Ashoor - Kuwait.مقطع يقطع نياق القلب باسم الكربلائي - قلي يالميمون ليلة 12 محرم 1434 حسينية العاشور- دولة الكويت

Arms seized in Kuwait came from Iran - Kuwaiti newspapers| Reuters

Aug 16, 2015    

KUWAIT A huge arms cache seized in Kuwait last week was smuggled into the country from Iran, two Kuwaiti newspapers reported on Sunday.The Interior Ministry said on Thursday authorities had found ammunition, explosives, weapons and grenades in holes dug under houses in an area near the Iraqi border. Three men who owned the houses were detained.Al-Anba newspaper reported at the time that the weapons had been smuggled across the border from Iraq for use by members of an Iranian-backed Hezbollah cell.But al-Rai and al-Qabas dailies, citing unnamed sources, reported on Sunday that the weapons had ...

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