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HUSREMOVAC -ALIĐUN- kolo- Bosnia & Herzegovina

TEFERIČ HUSREMOVAC - ork...ŠLJIVO Band i ork...ENKO Band-(inserti)sa -DVD-a-/muzika uživo - sarajevo 2015,bjelašnica 2015/ treskavica 2015,ilidža 2015,/ hrasnica 2015/ hadžići 2015,orahovice 2015, teferič posestra 2015/ miljevina 2015,/bijeljevine 2015/slatina 2015/mevlud 2015/ otvor dž ...

Protesters fight police, set fire to Kosovo government HQ | Reuters

Jan 10, 2016    

PRISTINA Demonstrators in Kosovo fought running battles with police and set fire to the government's headquarters on Saturday as anger simmers in the young Balkan country over an accord with its former ruler, Serbia.

The seat of government in the capital, Pristina, briefly caught fire after it came under a hail of petrol bombs. Firefighters quickly doused the flames and police used tear gas to drive ba...

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