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Zanjeer Ka Matam - Kolkata Azadari 2011 - 1433 H - 9th Moharram - Golkothi

Zanjeer Ka Matam.

Headless, Blood Red, Half-and-Half Kali-doscope in one Kolkata neighbourhood

Oct 22, 2014    

Go past the last mosquito net store and turn left, says the man at the sweet shop. The mosquito nets, once plain white cotton, are neon and nylon these days shocking pink, bright green and eye-popping blue. As promised, right after the last one, a lane leads to a Kali that causes every first-timer to do a double-take.Thats a tall order because the Goddess Kali, blue or black, her tongue dripping blood, naked but for ornaments of severed heads and hands, is often a bit of a shock for the uninitiated. But this Kali is red red skin, red tongue, red hair standing up on end as if shes just had an...

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