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Paranormal Activity at Kolkata, India

On 25th December 2012, my two brothers and I found the swing moving without any reason or any factors. We had to guess that it was just another Paranormal Ac...

Horror Kolkata kid mercilessly beaten up by private tutor

Jul 23, 2014    

A three-and-half-year-old child was mercilessly beaten by a private tutor in Kolkata in the name of disciplining the child. Ironically, the mother of the child was in another room while the child was being beaten up. "The private tutor, Pooja Singh, was seen kicking the child in the chest at least twice, hurling him head first on the bed and punching him on the face indiscriminately even as the kid screamed and wanted to go back to his mother. The family later lodged a complaint with the local police station along with the video footage"a Hindustan Times report said. "My son is ...

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