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Paranormal Activity at Kolkata, India

On 25th December 2012, my two brothers and I found the swing moving without any reason or any factors. We had to guess that it was just another Paranormal Ac...

Kolkata eatery denied Suzette Jordan entry for being 'Park Street rape victim'

Sep 16, 2014    

She prefers being called by her name anddoes not like being referred to as the 'Park Street rape vicitm."In February 2012, after Suzette Jordan was gang-raped in Kolkata's Park Street, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had termed the incident as a sajana ghatana or "cooked-up incident." Two years later, the tag has not left her.A report in the Deccan Chronicle on Mondaysaid, a restaurant in Hazra in Kolkata refused to let Jordanenterfor being a rape victim.Jordan was with her fiance and was toldby a junior staff, "You cannot enter." Whenshe asked for a reason ...

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