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Karachi Bakra Eid Danger Cow Qurbani 7/11/2011

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Welcome to Karachi review: Jackky Bhagnani, Arshad Warsi and fafda will explode your brain

May 30, 2015    

There comes a time in every film critics life where he finally begins to ponder over a strange phrase uttered by Forrest Gump Stupid is as stupid does. What does that mean exactly? Does it say that human stupidity is a sum total of bad things in the universe? Or does it mean stupidity exists and propagates without any reason to do so? Is it like a virus, where its only aim is to multiply at an alarming rate and spread to every living and breathing host possible?The new Jackky Bhagnani Arshad Warsi film, Welcome to Karachi, finally unlocks the mystery. Like a chest-beating ape, it proudly tel...

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